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Yeah, I know. Long time no blather. I got a little sidetracked, shall we say. But it's summer, and I'm here, and it's eleventy million steaming degrees outside, and there's nothing on TV, and I saw Prometheus and thought it was meh (although Michael Fassbender is the cutest robot ever), so I'm back with more vague promises about writing! Yay!

Recently I took advantage of being sick to finish a certain monkey-on-my-back story, which infused me with a giddy sense of accomplishment (or maybe it was the meds). Actually, it was good, it felt good, and gave me a sense of closure in a way--I feel as if this is the last fanfic story I'll probably do, that I've brought it all full circle (ending in the fandom I started with), my palate is cleansed. Of course, part of my personal philosophy is "never say never" because never usually comes around and bites you on the ass, and I see photos like this, of Deborah Kerr and Ava Gardner together and think, what if they had a mad crazy affair while filming Night of the Iguana?


No, no, I must resist!

So on the docket is a rewrite of an old thing I posted yonks ago. And I've been making notes on a WW II novel. Baby steps, baby. Baby steps. Any progress I make will be posted here and possibly on a tumblr. I'm not exactly compelled by the wanderlust, but some kind of curiosity or hunger keeps me going creatively.
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