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Stumbled upon this article in the Times Online (UK) in which a 44-year-old woman laments the lack of orgasm in her sexual history. Twenty-odd lovers in her life (all male, I assume), and not a single orgasm. Well, maybe one, says she. She's not really sure.

"Oh Christ, oh bloody hell," as the colonel's daughter would say.

After reading the article (which I assume is some sort of excerpt from a book called Cutting Up Playgirl) I felt rather sorry for the poor thing. Wanted to make her tea, give her a maternal pat on the arm and perhaps suggest she try shagging women...of course, probably one of her evil ex-boyfriends forced some sort of humiliating threesome on her which left her scarred for life. Then I saw that surprisingly few of the comments were sympathetic toward her and since I am easily swayed (oh look, Kool-Aid! Is that rainbow dewdrops in them?), I started questioning my own sympathetic disposition. Gay/straight/whatev, we've all had our share of shitty sex encounters, and sometimes when you're with someone it does take a while to get things right, but...after so many years of smiling through horrible morning-afters (gratuitous, gauzy 70s flashback: There's GOT to be a morning after...) with men who behave like lizards (you need to read the article), I might consider hanging it up, so to speak, and keeping a steady date with a good vibrator. Or I might actually ask myself if, perhaps, there is something I'm doing (or not doing) that is contributing to that lack of satisfaction.

Or maybe I am just too focused on orgasms? Sex is about more than orgasms, isn't it? Yeah, I know, I'm just blowing smoke up your crack again.
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The Bad Sex Awards are back. As seen in the link, the Guardian has given us a list of passages in the running. Vote for your favorite in the comments! I think I'm going for the Marlon Brando quote myself.


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