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Out of boredom or avoidance or because I thought it would help me look for things quicker (and hey, maybe one or two of you out there would like to look for my pretentious twat quotes or whatnot) or just because I am happy to chew normal food again, I've started putting tags on entries. Only to realize what a time-consuming process it is, going through all these entries (back to...2004, was it? Christ in a Coma!) and slapping these little cocksuckers on everything.

At least the rain has subsided, and it's sunny right now.

ETA: The "squeezing the bear" tag is basically for anything that challenges my sanity. I think "squeezing the bear" has become my "serenity now." (Cf. Seinfeld.)
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When in doubt, cut up a pig - that was the town's motto.
~ Harry (Robert Downey, Jr.) in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang>

Miss me, honeys?

Actually, I am not moving to the country, nor am I planning on eating a lot of peaches, so the entire subject line is completely fradulent. But I was in "the country" for several days and managed to restrain all my Zsa Zsa Gabor instincts magnificently. ("Dahlink, ze gingham check would look mahvelous on ze pigs, no?")

Country Life

Pros: cows, crisp, fresh air, perfect sunny days, the wind through the fields, hummingbirds, corn as high as an elephant's eye, delicious food that is Bad for You. (One night I had a bison burger and a peanut butter milkshake. Not quite sure why my heart is still beating.)

Cons: No sex, no swearing. (We were staying with the missus' dad.) But hey, I can deal with not being Swearengen for a couple days. The pros outweighed the cons. Admittedly, it was a relief once we were in the car for the drive back, to let the poetry of obscenity flow once again. Hell, it's a necessity when navigating I-78:

The Mrs.: Look at that cocksucker up there cutting through the lanes! He's a fucking Republican! Cocksucker! Swedgin! Cocksucker!

Me: Cocksucker!

Both, in Blissful Harmony: COCKSUCKER!

As you can see, we've missed Deadwood something fierce. We're finished with season 2 and we're hopelessly craving season 3. This show is a big ball of opium to me.

Joanie, I'm ready to be heartbroken.


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