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Long time no blather! But is a week really that long?

I was off work last week, taking a brain holiday that was spent writing, reading, relaxing (Bubble baths! Apertifs!)...and, of course, occasionally surfing the internets. So here is our internets week in review:

1. I heart you, Cindy Sheehan.

2. Lance Armstrong, I thought you had better taste than that.

3. Why was everyone so shocked that Jude Law has what appears to me a...perfectly average, normal-sized penis? Is he supposed to walk around with a foot-long erection all the live long day? But then, it's been a long time since I have been Up Close and Personal with a real-live phallus. Maybe I have low (tiny?) expectations. Straight and bi women, feel free to weigh in. But darn it, it was good enough for the nanny, it should be good enough for everyone else!

4. Jack Chick freaks me the fuck out. I remember seeing these tracts when I was a kid (Bible School, where the highlight of my day was gluing yarn on cans)...and even though they seem...well, insane doesn't even begin to touch it...they nonetheless possess an initial power to shock. They are delivered with such incredible convinction that they have a bizarrely seductive pull. You start wondering, "Maybe I'm wrong! Maybe I am going to hell on a handrail!" Then, after a while of staring at them, you start to think that the little homo demons are kind of cute. And then by the time you hit the death cookies, the giggles set in. Why did the devil have to ruin a perfectly good cookie?

Speaking of cookies, time for lunch.
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...if the Bible has taught us nothing else -- and it hasn't -- it's that girls should stick to girl's sports, such as hot oil wrestling and foxy boxing and such and such.

~ Homer J. Simpson
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You are repressed,
But you're remarkably dressed...

~Morrissey, "Hairdresser on Fire"

{And also 'cause [ profile] aqua_blurr made me nostalgic for Morrissey, my erstwhile role model}
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Quickly, let me put the rumors to rest: I have not been elected Pope.
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Our Entertainment on Good Friday was a drinking game: Every time we saw or heard "Jesus" on the telly, we'd take a drink. Went through a bottle of Bordeaux. I must not have any kind of taste because, while I like red wines, I'm not keen on Bordeauxs in general. They just seem too thick and heavy to my wimpy palate.

Still, I'd like to think Jesus would have a sense of humor about these things.


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