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For several days now I have been anticipating, with childish glee, the big snowstorm that is supposed to hit east coast this weekend. Alas, this morning I found out that NYC is probably going to get about 4 inches max, as everywhere else to the south and west of us will be buried in a foot or more of snow. Boo. I was looking forward to a weekend of being a snuggle bunny with the missus and the cats (speaking of which, I have been meaning to take more photos of the boys but our camera is being held hostage by a perpetually traveling Belgian). I suppose I still could be a snuggle bunny this weekend (stop being cutesy, you say), but it's ever so more fun when there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Also, you may remember me rhapsodizing about the big motherfucking Moleskine a couple months ago. Well, I broke down and bought it as a gift to myself for surviving the holidays. I'm using it as a commonbook, for drawing, & keeping articles & pictures/photos that interest me. Will use the smaller Moleskine I have for actual writing (when, you know, I actually do some).

Linkage for the week:

1. The bestest randomest website ever.

2. From the Guardian, a list of the weirdest book titles this year, including a book that was no doubt coauthored by [ profile] cabenson & [ profile] macayagirl: Bacon: A Love Story.. My favorites include the subject line above and Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, which I imagine would also be the title of a Cocteau Twins reunion album, or maybe an anime.

3. Have you lost that lovin' feeling with your pussy? Scooping the box isn't what it used to be? Don't despair:



Apr. 1st, 2005 02:43 pm
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I feel so infuriated! [ profile] ki_finn went around saying how they saw me talking to [ profile] heathers and backstabbing [ profile] bookgrrrl. If I get my hands on them and I'm gonna tear off their head and s*** down their neck hole!

Oh and mom & dad was totally unfair to me the other day and now I have to do chores instead of going to the movies with people :-(.

Oh yeah. I am totally going to ban [ profile] lonejaguar from commenting in my LJ for what they said about [ profile] aqua_blurr and [ profile] bast2!!!!

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She's a compulsively smirking lady lawyer with over 100 pairs of the same glasses, who's on the lam from Columbian drug dealers! She's a grouchy child-of-rape cop with both a chip and hair wings on her shoulders! They fight crime!

go yeti

Jan. 27th, 2005 10:37 am
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I have become frighteningly, disturbingly obsessed with playing this. Over. And. Over. Again. The furthest that I've hit the penguin is 320 feet (or meters, whatever the measurement is). I'm not entirely sure where the appeal lies: the mindless repetition, the baseball angle, the "I like to hit things; do I need anger management?" issue, or the fact that the yeti is a big lefty (sing it to the tune of "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" by the Ramones).

I may need anger management therapy if the subway system continues to be screwed up. Now the MTA is backing away from its original story that a homeless man caused the fire that caused all the damage to the A/C transit hub over the weekend. Instead of blaming the homeless they should be blaming the assholes with the multimillion dollar salaries who run the system. (Where, exactly, does all the MTA's money go? Not into revamping, protecting, or even maintaining its antiquated systems, that's for sure.)


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