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So I didn't get around to posting a summer music mix. But after buying and listening to some new stuff, I got inspired to do an end of summer/autumn beginning kind of mix.

Summer's End, Autumn's Beginning

Track listing:

1. Morning Fog (interlude), Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
2. Before, Washed Out
3. Autumn Leaves, Bill Evans
4. New York is a Woman, Suzanne Vega
5. Problem Queen, Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (Norah Jones vocal)
6. I'm in Love with the City, God Help the Girl
7. Memory Divine, Francoise Hardy
8. Market Girl, Headlights (Album Leaf Remix)
9. Moses, Elisabeth Fraser
10. Season's Trees, Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (Norah Jones vocal)
11. Far Away, Washed Out
12. Honey Mine, Korallreven (Memoryhouse Remix)
13. The Windmills of Your Mind, Dusty Springfield
14. Corcovado, Sarah Vaughan
15. Soft, Washed Out
16. Blue in Green (Take 1), Bill Evans

Notes on a Mix:

1. Lots of tracks from Danger Mouse's Rome and Washed Out's Within and Without, probably my two favorite albums of the season. Rome is a fun concept album, where the artist envisions a spaghetti western soundtrack. To my amazement it makes Norah Jones palatable; she doesn't sound as if she's ready to hit the snooze button. Washed Out is very shimmery; it's like listening to burnished gold.

2. Francoise Hardy has been making music for about 30-40 years now. Pretty impressive. "Memory Divine" is off one of her recent albums.

3. Elisabeth Fraser, however, has not been as prolific. Elisabeth, please make more music! I'm not asking for the Cocteau Twins to reunite, honest! I want to hear you.

4. Thanks to [ profile] fireflygirl for the Korallreven track.

Happy listening and let me know if there are any problems with the damn thing.
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The Norwegian band Royksopp is probably best known in the States as the guys who did That Song ("Remind Me") for one of the Geico caveman commercials. So you might be forgiven for thinking that they aren't all that. But their latest CD, Senior, is a great ambient treat that subtly fuses so many influences into something original & was one of my favorite CDs of last year. This short film uses music samples from Senior as a soundtrack to an apocalyptic storyline that is one part weird, one part unintentionally hilarious, and one part greatly disturbing. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the film (at least from an American perspective) is that it is not shot in some obscure slum in another country, but...entirely in Detroit. (If you want to be further horrified by what's become of Detroit, check out this slideshow of photos from the book The Ruins of Detroit.)
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Mitch Miller wishes you Merry Christmas from the Great Beyond: Buffalo!

OK. I mentioned to [ profile] stargazer1960 that I was planning on doing a holiday music post: I was going to upload some holiday songs and whatnot and post a link for downloadage, but I kinda dropped the ball on that. However, I did stumble upon some indie Canada holidaze music that you can download: Ho-Ho-Ho Canada. Enjoy! And nothing's preventing me from YT spammage, obviously.

But here's a true confession: I like classical music. Some of you probably know that already. And something about the holidays makes me want to listen to more Renaissance/Baroque music than usual; it's strange, but it feels very seasonal. Even some opera does as well. One of the first operas I ever saw was Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea,which remains a favorite. The love duet at the end between Nerone and Poppea is awesome...particularly when Nerone is played by a mezzo-soprano (i.e., a lady, so you have two ladies singing a passionate love duet). Alas, I could find no YT clips featuring two women singing the role that pleased me both visually and musically, so I settled on this clip with Nuria Rial (soprano) and Philippe Jaroussky (countertenor); they sound lovely together, and there is a nice little period-appropriate musical intro before the duet. And if you like, you can close your eyes and pretend it's two ladies.

Happy Holidays, everyone!
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Oh my darlings, the most horrible things have happened since I last posted here:

1. I actually had to work at work! Placing aside my outrage, I discovered that my coworkers believe I have special mindreading abilities that can detect all the things that they should tell me but don't. This is why they are frequently puzzled when I send them emails requesting pertinent information crucial in the performance of my job and thereby reminding them to do their jobs! Quelle fromage, frottage, fuckage!

2. George W. Bush wrote a coloring book and I had a most unfortunate flashback to the early part of this century. I would turn on the TV and he would be there. And he would be talking how about how a black man wronged him (not Obama, but Kanye) by accusing Barbara Bush's little boy of being a RACIST! The nerve! Why this was worse than those crazy planes crashing into the World Trade Center and that little old war we fought in Iraq! Everyone, the only good thing about the earlier part of the oughts was when LN James and I were backup dancers for Goldfrapp:

We were quite miffed about the costumes. LN has always said I have the profile of a youngish middle-aged Shelley Winters circa Lolita and it is a damn shame to deny that to the public.

3. And the Palin shitstorm of stupidity continues: The TV show, the new book, the upcoming New York Times profile, the Facebook homophobia, the daughter who dances like a clubfooted cokehead, the CNN reporting every borderline illiterate mumbling from her comely mouth. If I may quote myself, it really is like having monkeys in trees throwing poop at you 24/7. Does Barney Stinson have a Hot/Stupid scale? Because the stupid is really off the charts these days.

So here at THI industries...we're powering down next week. I have the week off. I will not watch any news programs. On Thanksgiving Day I am going to eat a lot and watch the National Dog Show, because dogs are to me what babies are to so many straight women. And I will even write. (And yes, [ profile] fewthistle, I may even write...Harper Lee.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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I love this so much I'm posting it everywhere. Mad Men theme + the old song "Nature Boy," sung by Allison Williams (daughter of the NBC news anchor).
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Two very different songs, both seemingly appropriate for Friday.

[ profile] jengrrl gave me a craving for glam, the good old days when boys were not afraid to wear makeup and dressing up as an Indian wasn't yet perceived as being totally gay. If you don't like this, well, you should be glad I didn't post "Little Willy," because that is an earworm that will stick in your brain for days.

Here's a mellower, perfect end-of-summer kind of song:

Happy Friday!


Jul. 28th, 2010 03:01 pm
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ETA: The actual mp3 from iTunes sounds better, but...this is pretty.
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Yes, a special Ohio-themed song for [ profile] cabenson! Also, why didn't anyone tell me that the National were good? OK, some of you did, but I'm sure I was whining about missing the Smiths or whatever and didn't pay attention. Anyway, I like this song, even though the guy in the video reminds me of multiple English profs I had as a undergrad so I want to punch him and scream "WHY DID YOU GIVE ME A B- ON THAT PAPER?"
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Because I am self-indulgent, and because I think that maybe one person liked last year's music mix, I have put together another summer music mix. I know! It's awesome, as my twentysomething coworker still loves to say.

Anyway, the zip file containing all the tracks can be downloaded here.

Track listing:

1. Summer Wine Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
Lee & Nancy are the PB&J of the 1960s: Perfect together.

2. Odessa Caribou
This and the other Caribou track below are from the new CD, which is pretty good.

3. Sound and Vision The Sea and Cake
Over the years I've come to appreciate the chilly elegance of these guys. I think Sea & Cake are a good summertime band, like A/C on a really hot day. And I love this version of the Bowie song.

4. Everyone Has A Summer Lovage and Dan the Automator
"The phone bill's gonna be enormous, you know that."

5. Mio Amore Sta Lontano (cosmix) Edwin Astley
The obligatory evocative lounge-y song that makes you wish you were on the Amalfi Coast.

6. You Beautiful Bastard The Sea and Cake

7. Night Nurse Britta Phillips & Dean Wareham
A perfect summer song because it's about that mindless stage of being in love. Plus best misheard line ever: "Lovely Jews enjoy design / la la la la."

8. Aquitane Audio Lotion
Mellow out!

9. Night and Day Bebel Gilberto
Mellow out some more!

10. I Missed the Glance The Sea and Cake
You missed it, but it's summer. No one cares. Have another drink.

11. Leave House Caribou
Get out of the house and go on vacation!

12. Writer's Minor Holiday Calexico
My theme song for every summer.
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Don't tell me the time you spend with her. Because I am here. Pining in a suit. With a neon clock. For you. Will you bring back some Twizzlers when you get home? Thanks.
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It's the weekend. Soon, my poppets, soon! Have a cocktail and put on your capri pants.

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Kick the grime of this world in the crotch, dear.
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Video's actually a bit on the repetitive side, but the song is kick ass--just like you & your VFFs. Hope you have a great day!
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Hey, Philip Roth is doing Nano Ono. Well, not really. But gosh, that sure does sound like every book he's ever written.

Some midweek mood music:

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Since I have nothing to say at the moment--other than the polarizing variations upon "I Had Fun Last Weekend!" and "I Miss My Cat!"--here is some music for the weekend. First, lovely Sam Phillips & a string quartet:

And here's Natacha Atlas. Ignore the dorky men and the fact that Natacha is wearing way too much makeup and focus on the bellydancing! And the dancers wearing Doris Wolfe hats!

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There is an old Gregg Araki movie--I forget which one--where one of the characters says of a rather delicate emo boy, "He still hasn't recovered from Echo & Bunnymen breaking up!" While I have recovered from Echo & the Bunnymen breaking up (but not the Smiths!), I was nonetheless frustrated in my search to find this song, from one of Ian McCulloch's solo albums (Ian being the lead singer of the Bunnymen). Finally I rediscovered it on the Tube that is You...and you know, I don't think I ever saw the video.

It is a cover version of an old Leonard Cohen song--although at the time I first heard it, I didn't know that. It may be funny, but I much prefer Cohen's songs when they are covered by other artists. Although if I hear another version of "Hallelujah" I may have to scream. But this song? I love.
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Really, I do. I still remember the very first time I heard them: 1980s, living in Philly, working this shit night job (proofreader), listening to the local alt radio station (Drexel University) through my walkman (remember those, kids?). They played "Aikea-Guinea" and this wonderful, visceral shiver of delight went down my spine. Just as intense as hearing Beethoven's Choral Fantasy for the first time, or the first time I really listened to Mozart (Clarinet Quintet K 581). An intense, wordless pleasure that I struggle to describe--maybe that's what music is to many of us.

p.s. Speaking of Things That Are Missed: I'm semi-excited about seeing Kings on NBC, solely because of Ian McShane. It has the potential to be bad (if so, let's hope for campy-fun-bad as opposed to bad-bad), but my queendom I would gladly sacrifice, to hear and see a real king once again. Because you know everyone else will look bad in comparison to him.


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