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{Photo by MurphyZero, from flickr's Obama Steet Art pool.

Voting this morning was not nearly as traumatic as I thought it would be; the local news was reporting lines and crowds at polling sites all over the city. So we schlepped over to our polling place, P.S. Whatevah, and was relieved to see no lines out the doors.

Inside, though, it was a different scene. Packed. I had never seen so many people there at one time, and was glad that the missus had insisted we get coffee first, because otherwise I would have been "freakin' and tweakin.'" Resigned to our fates, we got in the line to find out which district's machine we needed to wait for. That only took about 5-10 minutes. So we went over to wait in the line for our voting district and there were...

...three people ahead of us. So either our district is really lame, or voted really early, or will vote much later. Other districts had a good 30+ or so people in line, with some lines going out the doors into the hallways. By the time we were done voting and were on our way out, the overall line was beginning to stretch outside the building. We were lucky. But to punish me for my good fortune, fate chose to bestow upon me THE WORST BAGEL EVER. I'm happy to take one for the team, though, just like Hills!:

I know that a lot of you won't be so lucky, though, and will endure long waits--although I certainly hope that's not the case. But to those of you who have yet to vote, chins up, sweeties: We're making history. Let's do it.
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Now would that be a great campaign ad or what?
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Best things about Hillary's speech:

1. Bill getting verklempt. Awwww. Sure, he was chatting up a random female just before Hills went on, but you know he still loves his old lady.

2. Astonishing proof that a white person can wear an orange pantsuit. Or, judging by Michelle Obama's facial expressions throughout, perhaps not. Or maybe it was regret on Michelle's part: Why didn't I wear the orange last night? I rock the orange!

Oh, the speech itself was pretty good. Really! Kaith Olbermann says so!

And now onto matters more pressing than the future of the country: I ate a broccoli knish for lunch that was so dry it scratched my throat! Thank heavens this did not happen Monday, during the homicidal heights of PMS. I always tip my hat to sneaky PMS; so insidiously does it corrupt your moods that you aren't aware of how awful you behaved or felt until the bleeding commences. So it's like, oh, this is why I wanted to kill my boss yesterday! And why I wanted to throw my laptop across the room last night! And why I wanted to crush the windpipe of the person on the A train who was talking too loudly over my head...

Moving on again: As many of you know, Baby is old. You know this because I complain about stuff, and that's what old people do, and also because [ profile] cabenson keeps reminding you how old I am. So perhaps you will not believe me when I tell you that I once watched an episode of Gossip Girl. It was quite accidental, I assure you. But there was nothing on and suddenly Mrs. & I found ourselves looking at young people pouting prettily and stalking through elegant-looking manses. We felt as if we were in a live version of all the Ralph Lauren ads from Vanity Fair. We marveled at this spectacle, in large part because all the boys seemed preternaturally gay. Super gay. Uber gay. Gayer than Fire Island transported to San Francisco in the middle of Pride Week.

So imagine my lack of surprise when I discover that the gayest-looking boy of the bunch, so sleek and feline and haughty that you can't decide if you want to smack him then screw him or vice versa writes bad poetry. This definitely makes me want to smack him. Perhaps take him over my knee and pound on his bony little behind and then, just when he starts whimpering for mercy, I shall make him wear something from Wal Mart. It would have to be a poly-cotton blend T-shirt that says SUPPORT OUR TROOPS and a pair of khakis with pleats. Thus attired, he will have to film several episodes of Gossip Girl. It could be an amazing story arc of fashion tragedy.
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Did we ever think that the Dem. nomination would drag on so long, would be such a bloody battle? I know a lot of people are thinking of sitting it out if Obama becomes the nominee. Or, worse yet, voting for the Evil Empire. ("The Yankees?" you say. NO. I mean the other Evil Empire, the really really bad warmongering one, the one that is really for elitists.)

But before any of you contemplate voting for the presumptive Republican nominee, read this article on John McCain in the New York Review of Books. Any man who calls his wife a cunt in front of a group of reporters is not someone you should be voting for.
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Tyranny, in a word, is a farce got up for the entertainment of poor human nature; and it might pass very well, if it did not so often turn into a tragedy.

~ William Hazlitt, from "On the Spirit of Monarchy"

[Image from Magnolia Pictures, No End in Sight]

p.s. On strike tomorrow!
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As we in the United States face Stupid Tuesday, a day when a nice, independent-minded gal like myself is not allowed to vote because she is not registered as a member of any political party, I realize that my fellow Americans face many tough choices in the primary races, all this while additionally being quite cognizant of the fact I have veered wildly from royal we (me) to imaginary third person (sorry, still me) to first person (uh-huh, guess who) in this very lumpen-ish sentence.

Readers, I fear I must put another question to you. "Why today, holy?" you cry as you sift wildly through campaign flyers--making note of the fact that a vote for Obama is also a vote for his hot wife, but oh my, what hijinks would Bubba get up to if he became First Husband!--well, dears, holy is bored at work, and requires your input on this: cheeseburger in a can.

So to the poll, dear readers, a poll! Perhaps the first one since the infamous corduroy poll of '06!

[Poll #1133553]
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In the name of God, do your duty.

I had other things to say, but have since forgotten them...this is what happens when you're old, kids.
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New York's mayor, Mike Bloomberg, announced earlier that he is abandoning the Republican Party: Adieu, Darth Cheney! This means I can finally admit that I kind of like the guy, and I like (for the most part) the things he is trying to accomplish for the city.

This does fuel speculation that he may run for President next year, as an Independent, although he continues to insist otherwise. (The article describes Bloomberg as "coy" and no other word can be so aptly applied to him in the past few weeks, as he has danced around the issue.) If so I think he may be a serious candidate to be reckoned with--if only because he has pots of money, and he comes across as more palatable to the mainstream than other notable Independent candidates (e.g., Perot, Nader), not to mention creepy former NYC mayors who exploit their grand moments of leadership during 9/11 and who shall remain nameless.

It could be a very interesting race.

In the meanwhile, to my spouse's confusion/amusement, I grow obsessed with NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (who is openly gay) and her pearl necklace. Almost every time I see her on the news, she is wearing the pearls. Example:

Quinn: Don't worry. The pearls, they're lucky. No one will ask about the black guy you shot 41 times.

Police Commissioner: Hey, is there a black guy right behind me now? Shit!

Quinn: Yeah, he'll pop a cap in your ass, muthafucka.


Of course, this morning (or perhaps it was yesterday morning), I noticed she was not wearing the pearls. Is this a sign, Christine? We, your adoring groupies (well, me, actually) want to know.
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There's a good article in the recent New York Review of Books on Bush's blatant abuse of the legislative and constitutional powers that, normally, provide essential checks & balances to keep the presidency from turning into a monarchy. It involves Dumbass's use of a wonderdrous thing called a signing statement:

The press took little notice until Bush, on January 5 of this year, after signing a bill containing the McCain amendment, which placed prohibitions on torture, quietly filed a separate pronouncement, a "signing statement," that he would interpret the bill as he wished. In fact Bush had been issuing such signing statements since the outset of his administration. The Constitution distinguishes between the power of the Congress and that of the president by stating that Congress shall "make all laws" and the president shall "take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Bush claims the power to execute the laws as he interprets them, ignoring congressional intent....For five years, Bush has been issuing a series of signing statements which amount to a systematic attempt to take power from the legislative branch. Though Ronald Reagan started issuing signing statements to set forth his own position on a piece of legislation, he did it essentially to guide possible court rulings, and he only occasionally objected to a particular provision of a bill. Though subsequent presidents also issued such statements, they came nowhere near to making the extraordinary claims that Bush has; nor did they make such statements nearly so often.

And how many laws has Bush ignored in all these years? 750, the article says.

The most frightening bit is near the end; it suggests that this presidency has set a dangerous precedent for future leaders to continue in the same vein. And I know many of us think that after Bush it can't possibly get any worse, but y'know, after Reagan I thought it couldn't get any worse, and look where we are now.
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"...America, in its public and official face, has become more foreign to me by the day--which wouldn't be worth reporting, except that the sentiment is largely shared by so many Americans. The grammar and vocabulary of the language spoken by the administration and by a large part of the press differ so fundamentally from that spoken by people in my intellectual, political, and, as it happens, geographical neighborhood [Seattle] that debate between the two has become like the Englishman's idea of speaking a foreign language, which is to shout ever more loudly in his own. There's no possible negotiation between a phrase like 'freedom and democracy on the march' and its cognate in the other language, 'murderous chaos to which there is no foreseeable end.'"

~ Jonathan Raban, "September 11: The View from the West," New York Review of Books
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The evil, lying, walking turd known as the President will be inciting nationwide Vomit in the Mouth Syndome (VIMS) with an appearance on the t00b tonight to justify the blood on his hands. Again. Break a leg, asshole.

But let's look some politicians with some common sense.
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Yeah, you, idiot in the White House. I'm talking about you, motherfucker.
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Posted yesterday. From James Wolcott's site:

"I am preparing myself for either outcome today. Should Kerry win, I will post an important statement called 'A Time for Healing,' or something equally noble-sounding. Should Bush win, I shall post a statement of philosophical resignation tentatively titled 'Good, Go Ahead, America, Choke on Your Own Vomit, You Deserve What You Get.' The latter will probably require a little more tweaking."
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So I voted yesterday. Not that it really mattered, apparently. (Although I was pleased that my native state of Pennsylvania went bleu.)

Teh Wife & I both had the day off. We voted right away in the morning. It was beautiful out--warmish, blue sky, leaves swirling around, trees at their colorful peak. I felt...cautiously optmistic. A lot of websites had been predicting a Kerry win (inlcuding the Zogby poll).

We had brunch and shortly thereafter went into Manhattan to a couple art galleries. The first one was a Barbara Kruger exhibit. Interestingly, many of her works there were older pieces, and it was sad to see that the political pieces she did back in the 80s are as painfully relevant now as then. I was struck by one in the shape of a flag. In the small corner of blue, where the stars usually are, was the following quote: "Look for the moment when pride becomes contempt."

Have we reached that moment? Half the country feels contempt for the other half (and vice versa), and a slim majority of the electorate feels contempt for a world that views us with increasing alarm and dismay.

Have I reached that moment? I've always believed that the reason I am so critical of the U.S. is that I do love this country; I have always recognized the fact that I'm fortunate to live in a place where I've experienced a certain amount of rights, privileges, and freedoms. (Unfortunately, being white plays a part in that. But so does being gay.) And I love the mix of cultures and people that I see in this city.

But in the face of this overwhelming, appalling ignorance, I don't know how proud I can be anymore.

We are history's fools.
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The u2 ipod is pretty pretty pretty. Ooooh, pretty. So pretty I'm squirming, like I do when Benson whips out her gun or Cabot whips off her glasses. Ooooh, oooh, oooh. [/mervgriffin]

And more ruminations about Bush, or, TehHoly's Theory du Jour:

Yesterday in The New York Times I'm flipping through an article on undecided voters. I've always been puzzled at hearing polls stating that women voters do not seem to be drawn toward Kerry as they have been to other Dem presidential candidates (Clinton, of course, and even Mr. Roboto himself, Gore). Anyway, in this article, they quote a woman who talks about how hard it is for poor Bushie to be pres, and that the poor dear is trying to do his best...and I realize: She feels sorry for him.

Is that the thing with women voters and Bush? (Oh, I know it's also a "we want a president who will keep our families safe"--yeah, so let's pick the moron who starts an unprovoked war, right?) It brings out some sort of warped mother instinct? Will it result in the electoral equivalent of a pity fuck? Women, please! Get a grip! Prove me wrong, babies!
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October 17th New York Times article on How Scary Bush Is here. Yeah, we all know he is pretty scary anyway, but this is particularly frightening, especially the part where he thinks that Sweden does not have an army. Does he think ABBA defends the country or something?
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This past Sunday The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an editorial that details why the paper supports Kerry for president. Normally I don't think of the Inky as being a bastion of the "liberal press," but I was pleasantly surprised by the strident, uncompromising tone of it. (If you want to read it, go to the lj-cut below.)

Plus the local paper of Crawford, Texas (stomping grounds of you-know-who) supports Kerry as well! Sadly, the editor of that paper is getting death threats and cancelled subscriptions. I hope the Inky editors are faring better.

Will this chink in the vast wall of mainstream media stupidity change voters' minds, or is it too late?

Wake the Fuck Up, America )

the tease

Sep. 9th, 2004 12:19 pm
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So this morning I see an ad on the telly for a new film called Head in the Clouds. I love period movies (particularly WW II films) as much as the next Merchant-Ivory whore, many trailers/previews these days, you learn so much about a film in one minute or less that, for bad movies at least, the old rotted seams of predictability are painfully visible.

This film seems to be about young, beautiful people in Europe before and during WW II: Repressed, Honorable English Guy (is there any other kind? Oh, right: Hugh Grant, Benny Hill...), Spirited Blonde (Charlize Theron), and Exotic (i.e., not American/Anglo) Chick (Penelope Cruz). And oh my, look at this, how very, very shocking: They all seem to be sleeping with each other! Quelle surprise! Never would have guessed it! Not in a million years! But guess what too: Repressed English Guy lurves Blonde Chick, and she lurves him too, even though she is boinking/has boinked Exotic Chick. We know this because Penelope Cruz croons: He looooooooooooves yewwwwwwww to Charlize. (I'm willing to bet that Exotic Chick dies tragically at some point.)

So again we are given a trite little movie that tantalizes us with threesomes, only to be informed that "true love" exists only in heterosexual (and mostly monogamous) pairings. It's reminding me painfully of Henry and June--a big fat lesbo tease and a film that, when it came out, everyone except me seemed to love (it didn't help that the director saw fit to rip off Bertolucci's The Conformist for his big lesbo tease scene).


More media whoreness: Last night 60 Minutes was supposed to air an interview with a dude who presumably arranged it so that Our "President" could get out of doing a tour of duty in Vietnam. But strangely enough, that interview was not aired by many CBS affiliates.

Gee. I wonder why.

Oh, and The Man Who Was Afraid to Go to Vietnam (i.e., NOT John Kerry) is now responsible for 1000 dead American soldiers and 11,000 dead Iraqi civilians. And gee, I wonder why we never see that dead civilian total reported constantly on the evening news, as we do the number of Americans. It must mean that American lives are more valuable than "foreign" lives, right?


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