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It's spring, and a not-so-young woman's fancy turns to...writing. I've been dithering about, unsure of what to focus on next, So I put the question to you, kind readers, you people I know not except online or drunkenly, but whose support helps keep me plugging away. So if you have an opinion or a preference, let it fly. (And [ profile] fewthistle, you are only allowed to vote once and are not permitted to use your influence, cooking and/or writing abilities, or sexual favors, to sway anyone!) Obviously I can't guarantee that I will actually, you know, listen--in the end I have to go with my gut--but I am curious to see what you all think.

And besides, who doesn't love a poll? Jerri Blank does! In fact, she loves the poll AND the hole! (Sorry, can't resist.)

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As we in the United States face Stupid Tuesday, a day when a nice, independent-minded gal like myself is not allowed to vote because she is not registered as a member of any political party, I realize that my fellow Americans face many tough choices in the primary races, all this while additionally being quite cognizant of the fact I have veered wildly from royal we (me) to imaginary third person (sorry, still me) to first person (uh-huh, guess who) in this very lumpen-ish sentence.

Readers, I fear I must put another question to you. "Why today, holy?" you cry as you sift wildly through campaign flyers--making note of the fact that a vote for Obama is also a vote for his hot wife, but oh my, what hijinks would Bubba get up to if he became First Husband!--well, dears, holy is bored at work, and requires your input on this: cheeseburger in a can.

So to the poll, dear readers, a poll! Perhaps the first one since the infamous corduroy poll of '06!

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The mighty mighty tagging project is done! This may be of little concern to all of you except [ profile] maroukian, who needs to catch up on her pretentious twat quotes. Even the missus in her sickly, cranky state (she has a vicious cold) made a contribution: the "it's stupid--who cares?" tag! Does this mean she wants to slap said tag on me? Quite possibly, as I laughed like hell when I saw a trailer for Grindhouse on TV the other night...more specifically, the "Death Terror" segment with Rose McGowan and her machine gun leg.

My spouse, however, was not amused by the machine gun leg, deemed it "repulsive," and quietly filed away the incident as evidence of insensitive, doltish, male-like behavior on my part (other evidence includes watching baseball, drinking milk out of carton, eating applesauce out of jar, indifference to state of toilet bowl, the world stopping for Victoria's Secret commercials, etc.).

So, dear readers, I put it to you:

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1. I have New Order's "Age of Consent" stuck in my head because of that damn Marie Antoinette movie. Sofia Coppola: Idiot Savant! I can't decide if this movie will be thought-provoking (Lost in Translation) or just plain dumb (Godfather III: "Dad?"). Probably the latter because I keep laughing through the previews. Run, Kirsten, Run!

2. For your consideration: The gayest man ever. Well, you really have to see him in action; with every pixie-ish move, every glide across some poor lumpen fool's shag rug, every rolling, regal hand gesture used to denote how he will "open the space up," his very presence is a tidal wave of gayness. Plus, can't you see him sitting around on his very special couch with his dachshunds while watching Dark Victory?

3. Happy October brrrthday to [ profile] badtyler! Hugs and kisses and good vibes.

4. LJ likes to tell me things. Like one time LJ told me that 9/11 is a conspiracy by the Jews and that Dennis Hastert is a woman in drag. No, really, it usually tells me that "You can have a default icon, you fucking fool" (yes, LJ, I know that) or "You can create a poll, you cretinous bag of bile."

A poll!

Goodness, we can ferret out all sorts of particulars on our lj friends that way! As it is a very important time of year--no, dears, not Election Time, but fall, the time when we put away our shorts and summer wear, We (royal we) here at holyinnocentia are conducting our first ever poll because Our Consort hath declared that corduroy pants are the most horrible fashion faux pas this side of plaid and Our Levi Corduroy Jeans in a lovely shade of paper bag should be burned, even though We (royal we) are quite fond of them. So here's our poll, and let's see if I can do the damn thing right.

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