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This video was posted at Flavorpill several months ago. Very cool version of NYC in miniature, like a toy city:

Also, via [ profile] noir_moll, more of Brandon Bird's hilarious, brilliant Law & Order art. This time Bird got other artists to interpret one-line episode synopses, and thus we have These Are Their Stories. This one, entitled "Benson Combats Terrorist Activities," (by artist Sina Grace) is one of my faves because it perfectly captures that Oliskan megalomania:


"Save the children! Save the world...FROM MY UNPRETTY CRYING!"
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In honor of [ profile] badtyler's birthday...since our girl from NOLA has been a bit down in the dumps with another bedroom injury (darling, Famke is way too rough on you sometimes): I present a Very Special SVU picspam story.

(NOTE: I no longer remember the sources for these screencaps--in those glory days, I begged, stole, or borrowed from a number of benevolent graphic goddesses, including [ profile] jetgirl78 [I think], [ profile] angharad_gov, [ profile] heathers, and [ profile] aleatory_6. So please accept my apologies and see this in the spirit in which it was meant: something to entertain.)

A Very Special Brrrthday )
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Coretta Scott King and Wendy Wasserstein are dead, and Asslito is now a justice. I don't really consider this a good day, which is why I needed to be cheered up by this: The Special Valentines Unit, complete with hair wings, perp-smacking, homoeroticism, and abused women! As it is, it is less of a cartoon than the actual show these days.
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[Last night, end of SVU, promo for next week: Dean Cain, aka Superman/Scott Peterson, as bad guy. He is either stalking Liv or will become her white whale.]

Serious NBC promo guy [as SuperCain touches the Oliska tresses]:...will take her to a place she's never been.

Teh Wife: A man's bedroom?
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Sweet Sarah Jessica Parker, someone get that song out of my head! Because madness? She hath ensued.

Scene 1: Olivia Benson, sashaying the streets of Manhattan… )
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This one's for [ profile] bast2. L&O, featuring Arthur & Serena. It's a little over 500 words.

The Heart Can be a Lonely Hunter, but Sometimes the Heart Can be Elmer Fudd )


Apr. 7th, 2004 03:48 pm
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So Yahoo! reports today that a "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl" is truly in the making. Quelle surprise! My suggestion for their first makeover: Casey Novak, ADA on Law & Order SVU. While TPTB are selecting new fagelahs for the new show, it's curious to wonder...What Would the Fab Five Do (WWFFD) with Casey? Well, first we're not even sure if she's let's call it "Queer Eye for the ADA" and may the spirit of Alex Cabot bless the endeavor:

The occasion: Big date with Olivia! Like, omg!

Kyan: "Highlights are not child's play. You would not place a Stradivarius in the hands of a rank amateur, and so hair dye should only be used by a professional. Casey, is this a home dye job?"

Thom: "I melted down your softball trophies into a metallic shelving unit for the bathroom. Don't thank me. It was my pleasure."

Ted: "See these little numbers on the oven? Okay--the higher the number, the hotter it gets." ::pause:: "Maybe we'll just prepare some finger food and have you guys go out. And no, Bugles are not acceptable finger food."

Carson: "Hon, do you really want people to look at you and be instantly reminded of vomit?"

Jai: "Um, Olivia doesn't play softball? You're kidding me. I thought all dykes--oops--never mind. Well, work is always a good intro to conversation. So ask how many people she's shot today."


Lunch time adventure: It was nice and warm today, so I went for a walk. In a bookstore, I heard Johnny Cash's version of
"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." Intense! The cool thing was the accompanient by an organ. Really captures the sexual/sacred aspect of the song.


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