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Several weeks ago I was in a wine shop that had just opened up in our neighborhood (a scant block away from tehHolyinnocent Hovel). Unlike the other neighborhood booze store up the block--which has been around for years, is heavy on Italian wines (probably because the business is run by guys who have lived in our Italianate neighborhood for eons, who probably are Italian themselves), and has a great cheesy sign in the window: YOUR WIFE CALLED. SHE SAID BRING HOME SOME WINE--the new wine store is hipsterish. It appears to be run by a young, thin fabulous couple. The floors and racks reek of new, beautiful polished wood. Sometimes there are other thin, fabulous people hanging around listening to Thievery Corporation and drinking samples out of plastic cups. Sometimes I am afraid to go in, as if an alarm will go off and I will be ejected from the store.

I'm glad I keep overcoming this irrational (?) fear, because I've found my latest obsession: Sparkling red wine. Shiraz, to be exact. Chilled, most def. This article gives some background on sparkling reds. Apparently it was a big cheesy thing in the 70s and 80s, which I did not know. (In fact, I had never seen any before my first foray into the new wine store: It was news to me.) Additionally the articles gives the Australians big props for reinventing sparkling reds and making them palatable. God Bless You, Aussies, I'm afraid that's one more reason for Bret and Jemaine to continue hating on you.

Anyway, the sparkling shiraz I had was, of course, from Australia (a family-run vineyard called Loomwine). It was cool, sparkling, and dry--not sweet at all. For me, it was like the best of both worlds: Chilled and refreshing like a good white, but with the satisfying body and dryness of a red. It's a good food wine as well; so far I've had it with pasta and pizza.

So you can guess what I'm going to be picking up on my way home. What are you guys drinking this weekend? (And I ask, even though I anticipate the "MARGARITAS!" answer from [ profile] cabenson....)
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Our Entertainment on Good Friday was a drinking game: Every time we saw or heard "Jesus" on the telly, we'd take a drink. Went through a bottle of Bordeaux. I must not have any kind of taste because, while I like red wines, I'm not keen on Bordeauxs in general. They just seem too thick and heavy to my wimpy palate.

Still, I'd like to think Jesus would have a sense of humor about these things.


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