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“I Saw the Light”: Johnny Cash singing (lip-synching?) for an episode of Columbo. (RIP, Peter Falk!) The crazed-looking redhead in the background with the other singers is Ida Lupino, playing Cash’s shrewish wife. He kills her, of course, and so Columbo has to figure it all out.

I don’t know why this episode has imprinted itself on my memory. I never liked Columbo that much, but, as the youngest person in our household, I was lowest on the TV pecking order and always ended up watching the show because my sister and mom liked it. Perhaps it was in this episode I had my first realization that people can successfully pretend to be good while being actively, covertly bad?
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Birthday vids. First, Madeline Peyroux in Paris, getting some fun out of life:

Second, greetings from some talented Corgis. I gather this was made for when the Queen Mum turned 100. Lucky you, you are only half as old!


Jul. 28th, 2010 03:01 pm
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ETA: The actual mp3 from iTunes sounds better, but...this is pretty.
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It seems that all I do lately is wish people Happy Birthday....

...Sandy, do you remember the days when you had lustrous raven locks like Bryan Ferry circa 1972? Back in the old days, when you and Psim would hit the ______ [insert name of hot spot in random Australian town] at some hot postmodern academic conference, and Psim wore her sparkly wraparound insect goggles? And you would argue about the strange dialectic of deconstructionism in education for chickens until one of you passed out in a warm puddle of something alcoholic? Well, don't relive those days anymore, dear, but have a happy birthday.
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Some Goldfrapp to celebrate along with your lasagne....

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A selection of New York-themed vids, just for you and your inner gay man. Lesbians though we may be, I have six words for you: GENE KELLY IN A SAILOR SUIT:

Liza, Liza, Liza. Every time the Yankees lose at the Stadium, they play Liza's version of "New York, New York" instead of Sinatra's, so I thought you would appreciate that. (I think Liza's version is better, though.)

And finally, urban anthropology at its finest:

Hope you guys are having great fun @ the Olympiad!
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Kick the grime of this world in the crotch, dear.
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Man, I still remember seeing this on TV when it first aired! Even then I knew it was cracktastic.

I'm off to the hinterlands tomorrow to visit family, so Happy Holidays, everyone!
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It has already been established on this here blog that yours truly is a Yankees fan. But growing up as a youngster in Cowshitville, Pennsylvania, my childhood team loyalties lay with the black and gold: We were Pirate (and Steeler) fans. When Roberto Clemente died, it was practically a day of mourning in our town; in fact, our school even had a food drive for the earthquake victims in Nicaragua because of Clemente, and you know we never had food drives for anyone or anyplace because shit, honey, we were in the middle of fucking nowhere and no one told us about these things and goodness gracious, where was Nicaragua anyway?

One of Clemente's teammates was a pitcher named Dock Ellis, renowned for going around with his hair in curlers (well, when not on the mound) and, more famously, for pitching a no-hitter while on LSD and some other pharmaceuticals. The above is Dock's account of that day as dramatized by cartoonist James Blagden. It is seriously awesome. Sadly, Dock is no longer with us, but this is a great tribute to him. Hell, who needs steroids when you have LSD?
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Today as I was ordering a salad for lunch, I forgot the word crouton. I kept thinking, cube, croissant! as I floundered verbally, and finally had to point at the crouton box at the salad bar for the benefit of the guy who was making my salad. Of course, now I am convinced I have early stage Alzheimer's and if I am eating jello in an institution in 6 months you'll say you knew me when. Or you'll say, "what's the diff, THI?"


A faithful reader sent me a link to this:

So 300 + Gladiator x slow-mo blood + scene-chewing actors + gratuitous nudity + implied lesbianism = New Sam Raimi/Rob Tapert project. Of course, Lucy Lawless is in it and she's supposed to get naked (with or without...a pube wig...I'm thinking, what the hell kind of crazy landing strip does she have down there?) so of course I'm screwed and I have to watch the stupid thing.
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There is an old Gregg Araki movie--I forget which one--where one of the characters says of a rather delicate emo boy, "He still hasn't recovered from Echo & Bunnymen breaking up!" While I have recovered from Echo & the Bunnymen breaking up (but not the Smiths!), I was nonetheless frustrated in my search to find this song, from one of Ian McCulloch's solo albums (Ian being the lead singer of the Bunnymen). Finally I rediscovered it on the Tube that is You...and you know, I don't think I ever saw the video.

It is a cover version of an old Leonard Cohen song--although at the time I first heard it, I didn't know that. It may be funny, but I much prefer Cohen's songs when they are covered by other artists. Although if I hear another version of "Hallelujah" I may have to scream. But this song? I love.
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...than with a little Serge Gainsbourg?

A recent survey tells us that the French are considered the worst tourists, (yes, I know, hell of a thing to say on Bastille Day, come storm my office with your breasts bared) and we see proof in the "Je t'aime" video as Serge and Jane feed and frolic with the blasted pigeons in Piazza San Marco.
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Because I am lame and got sucked into the vortex of suck at work (leave it to me to hit the nadir at work during a recession), I have not yet procured [ profile] cabenson's brrrthday gift of 500 bottles of hand sanitizer and a giant plastic bubble (with attachable wet bar and blowup Olivia Spencer doll). So instead the Birthday Girl gets, for the time being, random YouTube spammage!

Happy Birthday, CB!

I'm not nutty, I'm just hooked on dolls! )
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She loves her booze, she loves her guns. (And you know what? I mix until it hurts when I make a martini, so now I feel somewhat vindicated.) Dear Lord, Rachel, will you stop being more irresistible than a bucketful of puppies and kittens?


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