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Here's 10 years of Friends in 90 Seconds, courtesy of Nobody's Watching. (And the embedding thing/script whatever isn't working, so eat me, Netscape.)

America, did we waste 10 years of our lives? Yes.

And...Happy Birthday to [ profile] lelak. Hope you fared better with Nano than I did, poppet! (Yes, well, more on that later.)
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Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] jandyle. In honor of said occasion, we have some lovely "piano-only" musique--a piece from the great Art Tatum, because [ profile] jandyle loves to listen to Teh Piano when she is hungover when she is slaving away at work and making the world safe for we happy multitudes, the math retards. God bless you!

Art Tatum: Humoresque

Also: I can't help but think this show is a really bad idea. Fine for a book, great idea for an opera, but a TV series? Since it's on Showtime, maybe Dexter'll do a crossover with the L-Word and take care of bidness, you know what I'm sayin'? At least until Pam Grier kicks his ass all over the place.
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I was lame and missed part of the Commander in Chief premiere last night. For weeks, I have been fixated on the ads with Geena Davis: suddenly, she seemed HOT to me. It's inexplicable. (I tried to remind myself that she was married to Jeff Goldblum, for Christ's sake, in order to temper my passion, but it failed.) Of couse, I blame SVU for this too. If Mariska still looked hot (and possessed normally colored hair), I would not feel the need to stray, to seek out hot brunettes on TV. ::sniff::

I got home late, felt tired, wanted to kick back a bit, but for a while battled with the part of my mind that wanted me to do intellectual-type things like read or write.

I tried to distract Brain with a brownie. Ha, dumbass. Who do you think I am? Stomach? it taunted me.

Instead, we compromised. Okay, I said. I'll read the TV. Closed captioning. How's that?

Alrighty! said Brain. (Oh, and I was flipping back & forth between Geena and the old SATC episode where Charlotte proposes to Trey, who gives the infamous "Alrighty!" respone.)

Sometimes Brain is notsoquick on the uptake.

So I "read" part of Commander in Chief. I think I have some "woman in power" lust thing going on, because between this and Helen Stewart in Bad Girls I'm on the verge of asking the missus to dress up in power suits all the time. Anyway, I still think Geena is hot even though her lips looked hella huge. Like Angelina Jolie kinda huge. Might want to tone done the lipstick a tad.

The dialogue was bad. At least it read badly; maybe it sounded better...oh, who are we kidding, people? Nobody sounds good when they say things like, "A female President. Can you smell the history?" To which I respond, "Yes, and history needs a good douche bag!" Of course, one can argue that's what we have Bush for: History's douche bag. (Bush, douche bag, there's a clever joke in there somewhere but Baby's coffee is not kicking in yet. Bueller?) Moving on.

Donald Sutherland seems to be reveling in playing conservative bad guy. Although you had to feel sorry for him. There's a scene between him & Geena that takes place after the fictional President has died; one of the last things the Pres. asks of Geeeeena is that she resign, since she does not share his political "vision" for the country--he's a Republican, she's an Independent, and she was picked to be his running mate largely to get the female vote. She agrees to honor the Pres.'s wishes. But later, as she sits with resignation letter in hand, Donald is chatting with her and basically saying blahblah it's a good thing because you're just a chick anywaycakes...of course, she changes her mind. While predictable, it was fun to see the old bastard shoot himself in the foot. You know if he had kept his piehole shut, he would've had become President, the show would be over, and I wouldn't be presented with the dilemma of To Watch or Not to Watch this damn show every week.

And I crapped out on SVU last night even though Wonder Woman was on.
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A Lennie t-shirt! Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. (Note: The artist, Brandon Bird, is responsbible for the Lennie & hot dog portrait at the Law & Order: Artistic Intent site.)
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ER did not suck last night! Wow. Here's our recap:

Me: You know why that episode was good?

GF: Because Ray Liotta died?


Both: Yaaaaaay!

[5 minutes later...preview of next week: Carter + tinybaby + the word "miracle" which should have been banned from every episode of the show since, like, season 1]

Both: Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
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Not only are the Red Sox one win away from the World Series (which a faithful Yankee blogger has described as a "best-of-seven Shit Sandwich"), but Norman Mailer is going to be on the Gilmore Girls! One imagines him trying to seduce Rory and convincing Luke to do something "manly" with his life, like become a boxer or a murderer. (Now that would have been a casting coup, were he still alive: Gary Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls!)

I'm just waiting for John Updike to show up on Will & Grace.


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