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Quick and dirty (at least in one case) Knut icons.

He's rugged, he's handsome, he's not afraid to get dirty. He is the Daniel Craig of polar bears.

Like Rosie O'Donnell, Knut likes to relieve stress by hanging upside down and biting his handlers.

And this is for the back cover of his memoirs, A Million Little Transparent Hairs.

Feel free to steal (and credit). Hell, I stole them from Der Spiegel (shhhh).
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This morning, thanks to some apathetic/vengeful underpaid employee at an upscale food market, I mistook a carrot raisin muffin for a cranberry nut muffin. Because the sign under it said "CRANBERRY NUT." Perhaps, however, it is an elaborate conspiracy to make patrons eat healthier? Particularly the patrons too lazy to complain? (Raise your hand, please.)

Here are some comic book funnys, followed by many comments of "hey, you stole this from superdickery!" but who cares, they're still funny. In one panel Wonder Woman is the smartest woman EVER, and in another said superheroine frets about damaging her eyelashes.

ETA: The missus informs me that beautiful Knut has made the cover of German Vanity Fair... Knut, I'll still love you when you're grown up and eating seals for brunch.
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Save Knut!

In all the flurry about the furry, adorable polar cub, many ignore the larger question: Should the "animal rights" activist be put down? Clearly, he has not been reared properly amongst the Germans and is not fitting into his Natural Habitat. He probably doesn't like beer or Fassbinder films or even a good Riesling, for heaven's sake.
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"Merry Fucking Christmas...what, I'm too cranky for you? I'm probably gonna be extinct in 100 years thanks to you cocksuckers and your global warming. So excuse me while I live it up with sugar and mauling the occasional Girl Scout. Well, okay, I maul a lot of Girl Scouts. They're tasty! I like their cookies too...'kay, gotta go. See you for New Year's Brunch."
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1. Polar bear cannibalism! Oh, my poor beautiful bears.

2. NPR and PBS in trouble...again! If we lose them, then who's going to keep us apprised of the continuing dire straits of the polar bears? Ewan McGregor? Hmm. He could use his own network, I reckon. Hell, his penis could use its own network. What the hell am I talking about? Okay, moving on.

3. Yankees have lost four in a row! Bah!

Well, it is sunny and warm out. I'll take that.


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