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Would you like an opportunity to hear me be foolish?

Then tune in tonight @10pm to BlogTalk Radio. [ profile] cabenson and I will be discussing Bad Girls with host [ profile] allaine77 and co-host [ profile] fewthistle, who will play Barbara Walters to my Angelina Jolie and ask me questions about what kind of man Brad/CB really is and I will purse my lips and be very mysterious while the camera drifts down to my cleavage.

You want a real blurb and not my nonsense? OK, fine:

Femslash4Fans continues its salute in August to British TV shows with a segment on the hugely successful series "Bad Girls". Set in, of all things, a women's prison, "Bad Girls" ran for eight seasons, but we'll be spending much of our time focusing on the first three. The storyline featuring the lesbian relationship between wrongly convicted cop-killer Nikki and prison warden Helen, which built gradually over Seasons 1-3 until its satisfying conclusion, remains one of the most popular and best-written canon pairings ever seen on television. I'll talk about Nikki/Helen, along with other canon and noncanon pairings from the entire run, with my two guests - creator of the definitive Nikki/Helen Manifesto, Cabenson; and longtime author Theholyinnocent, also known as Xena fanfic writer Vivian Darkbloom. This time joining me as co-host will be "Bad Girls" fan Fewthistle, who previously appeared on F4F as a guest on my "Guiding Light" episode.

I like how I am described as a "longtime author," like I'm Norman Mailer.

Good Guests and Bad Girls, or, How I Learned to Stop Drinking Vodka and Love Lahboob.

And in case you can't tune in tonight, it will be on there FOREVER.
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In other words, some humble pimpage thrown your way: A very good friend of mine (we went to college together) is getting her novel published by an indie press next year. She has been working on this book for a long time, and she is a very good writer indeed (and a better poet than me, that's for sure). So if you're interested in a classic tale of "love, lust, and lyricism" (ok, it's not of the queer variety, but still), here's her website

And hopefully this bit of PR (plus letting her stay at our apartment in a couple weeks) means I won't have to pay for the book! 

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Courtesy of [ profile] fialka, I appear to be on dreamwidth now. Whether I actually use it or it goes the way of my tumblr page remains to be seen. Have reclaimed my original nom de plume there as well.

lj remains my default for posting stuffs. Any creative writing will probably be cross-posted to dreamwidth--if I remember as I twit and tumble my way through life.

(I don't appear to have any invite codes, though. Sorry. If I get any I will offer them up in another post here.)
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In case livejournal goes tits-up (thank you, Nikki Wade), my blogging activities (such as they are), will migrate to here. I'm going to try to export my lj archive there as well, but that will take time.

Regardless, as long as lj is still in business, I will be posting here. And I hope they remain so for a long time, because I would miss you guys a whole lot.

ETA: A review of David Denby's new book about one of our favorite things: SNARK!
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Because I'm getting paranoid about the thing: From here on out, all writing entries will be friends only, and I've already locked all previous writing posts (except for a few silly old SVU fics).

If you're not on my friends list and want access to future writings, leave a comment and, if you seem relatively trustworthy, I'll add you. (Bonus points if you are already a friend of someone on the list.)


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